by Todd Smith on March 26, 2008

Vision depends on transparency.  Transparency reveals.  It is on the basis of transparency that we see everything around us. 

If you could remove everything from empty space, transparency would remain.  It is the subtlest aspect of vision, and therefore the most important.  It is very close you, and very close to me.  It is what makes photography possible and it is what connects us.  If the eye had a spirit it would be transparency. 

Transparency also signifies truth.  When all that hides has been removed only truth remains.  When things are transparent, there is nothing hidden. Truth and transparency are the same.

This blog is about photography and the simple truths of life.  I hope it will be inspiring and valuable. I will not only share my photos, but my thoughts and even some of my techniques in photography and marketing.  I hope this blog will be a transparent window into my world. 

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Judy Serkes April 3, 2008 at 5:58 am

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