Apple Orchard

by Todd Smith on May 7, 2008

This morning I went out to take a few more pictures for my newsletter tomorrow. I headed down to the apple orchard because the apples are in full bloom. When I arrived, the beautiful light on the tall orchard grass caught my attention and added another dimension to the photo shoot.

I ended up spending an hour in the orchard, and printed many of the shots in black and white. In the end, I decide to use only today’s shots in tomorrow’s newsletter. The dandelion orchard photos will be saved for another time.

more orchard grass in the dawning light

Early light on the apple orchard  (black and white)

An apple tree is loaded with blossoms (black and white).

close up of apple blossoms in black and white

an apple blossom in color

an apple tree reaches for the sky

You can see more of this shoot in the Straight From The Camera section of my site.

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