Product Photography: New Products for Buttoned Up, Inc.

by Todd Smith on July 14, 2008

If you’re a fan of Buttoned Up, Inc. you’ll be happy to know that several new products are coming down the line.

I just photographed three new products and, with Buttoned Up’s permission, you are the first to see them–here on this blog.

It will be a while before these products show up on the Buttoned Up website or in Target, but you can say you saw them here first!

One new product that could straighten up my desk is Mail.sorter.

It’s got slots for “Notice Me,” “Respond to Me,” “Read Me,” and “Pay Me.” And it has a side slot for stamps or other stuff you want to keep with your mail.

Notice the Todd Smith Photography greeting card in the second and third pictures (I couldn’t resist).

Mail.sorter from Buttoned Up, Inc.

Mail.sorter from Buttoned Up, with mail

close up of mail slots of Mail.sorter from Buttoned Up, Inc.

The next new product is GiftCard.log.

If you get lots of gift cards from friends and family, you know how hard it is to keep track of your gift card credit.

It’s not like you get a statement from Barnes and Noble every month saying, “You still have $5.23 left on your card. Come down and have a cookie on us!”

Companies offer gift cards for a reason: lots of people never use all their credit. It’s a nice little tip for the company.

You can make sure it never happens to you by tracking your gift cards in Buttoned Up’s new GiftCard.log. It’s wallet sized for your convenience…

GiftCard.log from Buttoned Up, Inc. is a great way to make sure you use every penny of your gift cards.

GiftCard.log from Buttoned Up, Inc. in the wrapper

Inside GiftCard.log from Buttoned Up, Inc.

The third new product is Password.log.

This is handy little notebook to leave by your computer. It’s only job is to keep all your website passwords in one place.

Password.log from Buttoned Up, Inc.

Password.log for your internet passwords

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