Some Photos That Were Glossed Over

by Todd Smith on July 27, 2008

One set of photos that were glossed over a couple weeks ago still cry out to me for attention.

As I was driving home one evening the sunset caught my attention on the lake. Using a dark exposure I love the way the orange light catches the tips of the waves.

late evening light on the waves

There were not enough pictures to justify a newsletter but they showed up in the Straight From the Camera section that week. You’ll find them about half-way down the page mixed in with all the horse pictures.

Here are my other favorites. They keep showing up in my screen savers and look nice in the large size. They keep reminding me to let you know about them.

Download the screen saver / wallpaper versions of the images. You can get the password emailed to you by joining my newsletter).

reeds in the distance on a sunset lake

sunset on the lake

There are also some cool black and white versions.

black and white photo of late evening sunlight on the waves

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