2009 Flowers Wall Calendar Available Now

by Todd Smith on October 16, 2008

2009 Deluxe Wall Calendar - Flowers

I’m happy to announce that my deluxe 2009 Flowers calendar is now ready for sale. Just go to my calendars page to place your order. The calendars will ship the week of November 17, 2008.

As you may remember, last July I designed four calendars for 2009. Unfortunately, the minimum order for each calendar rose from 100 to 300 copies. I was originally planning to make 100 copies of each calendar, but now I am making 300 copies of just one (the flowers calendar).

inside shot of Flowers Wall Calendar

Get your copy of the Flowers Calendar before the 300 are sold out. They are great for your home or office as a way to add some life to a wall you look at frequently.

I love to show the subtle beauty that is always around, but which often lies covered from view. Life is found in layers. The joy of photography for me lies in transcending the subtle layers of the common experience of an object and uncovering its essence.

My photography is simply an appreciation of the beauty in my world. What is beautiful to me is the essence of an object. In my photography I wish to remind myself, and those who see my images, of the quiet inspiration below the surface of life.

The Flowers Wall Calendar will provide a source of inspiration for you all year round, and it makes a great holiday gift.

This year the calendar is about twice as large as last year for only $4 more. The cost this year is $18.95. The paper is thicker and nicer, and the binding is a spiral coil, instead of last year’s staples. Also, the space for each day is now 2″ x 2″, so there’s plenty of room to write appointments or birthdays.

There is a lot more information about the calendar, as well as pictures of all the interior pages, on the calendar page of my site. Order your copies today, because supplies won’t last.

If you are interested in the three other calendars, let me know, and I’ll put your name on the waiting list. If there is enough interest to order 300 copies of any calendar, I will place the order as soon as possible. You can see pictures of the three other calendars at the bottom of the calendars page.

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