7 Reasons to Send Greeting Cards in a Digital Age

by Todd Smith on November 5, 2008

clown figurine photo greeting card

With email, text messaging, cell phones, blogs, twitter, facebook and a dozen new ways to communicate every day, why send an old fashioned greeting card? I love paper greeting cards, and here are seven reasons why I still send them:

1. It somehow means more to me when I get a paper card in the mail. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s something tangible that has traveled from afar. Or maybe it’s the fact that someone took the extra time to buy a card and stamp, write a message and send it. It makes me think they care.

2. With so many ways to communicate now, I find it hard to keep up with all the chatter. It’s sometimes hard to separate the wheat from the chaff, and I end up paying less attention to all the electronic messages I now get. But when I get a card, I stop and pay attention. Paper greeting cards somehow rise above the noise.

3. Greeting Cards are experienced without a computer. When I’m at my computer, I’m usually working, and often trying to quickly wrap things up so I can experience a few hours of computer-free time every day. Greeting cards come in the mail, when I’m away from my computer. They are a break in my day. That kind of communication is especially welcome.

4. I can hang a nice card on my wall or refrigerator. I can even frame a card that I love. Cards from my friends remind me of them for as long as I wish. They last longer in my awareness than any electronic message.

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5. I can see the handwriting of my friends. A note from my mom or my dad brings me right to their world. How many times have I seen that handwriting? And I can smell the perfume on the paper. More senses are involved when we communicate through greeting cards.

6. Photo greeting cards uplift my mind before I even read a word. A beautiful card picked just for me has me ready to read anything that’s been written. If I want to make someone’s day, a simple note in a beautiful card is all it takes.

7. It’s never been easier to send photo greeting cards with Todd Smith Photography’s Card of the Month Club. In just a few seconds each month, you get as many cards as you need, delivered with stamps and return addresses. In the same time it takes to write an email, you can send a card that will really make a splash.

There are now 120 cards to choose from in my greeting card line. And another 66 snowy, winter cards appropriate for the holidays. Check out all the new cards here.

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