Commercial Photography For My Sister

by Todd Smith on March 18, 2009

My sister, Sarah Welch, and I have always gotten along well (except when she was first born–they tell me that I wasn’t too happy about it). Sarah is two years younger than me and we used to hang out together in high school. Her friends were all friends with my friends and vice versa.

Though I am older, I look up to Sarah, and only dream of catching up with her amazing business accomplishments. She is currently starting-up not one, but two businesses! And she always calls me in to help with photography, and pays me well.

I didn’t know it until now, but Sarah has been redesigning the website for her Buttoned Up business. It’s a great business with beautifully designed organizational tools for the busy people. I’ve featured some of her products on this blog and in my newsletter when I have photographed them.

This time, I just want to say, “Go look at Sarah’s awesome new web design!” I may be prejudiced, but I seriously think she could win awards for the design alone. Explore her products, and enjoy her organizing tips. I’m awfully proud of her. 🙂

Most of the product photography for Buttoned Up was done my me over the years. I can’t take credit for the lifestyle photography on her site.

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