Preliminary image selection for next year’s calendar

by Todd Smith on May 5, 2009

Thank you to everyone who left comments helping me choose the pictures for last year’s photography calendar.

Now it’s time to narrow down the choices…


I’m thinking about moving the frozen flowers, which is the most popular image for this month, to March–the right time of year for this image. What do you think? After the ice photo, the two most popular pictures for January are the rows of apple trees in the snow and the lone tree in the snow.


The three most popular photos for February are: the ice breakup on Lake Skaha, the hay bales in snow, and the grapes on the vine in snow. What’s your favorite for February?


The choices for March are the hillside of poppies and lupines, or the frozen flower buds from January. Both were very popular. Would the ice work here in March? What would you choose?


For April, it’s between the ladybug, the clematis and the lilacs, with the ladybug winning so far. Any votes?


The daisies are slightly ahead for May, followed by the yellow roses and the crumpled tulip. What’s your preference?


It’s between the peacock and the waterfall for June, with the waterfall winning by a body length. Any more input?


It was a close race for all of the photos for July. The two leaders turned out to be the apricots and the cherries. I’m also going to save the apricot in the tree. So it’s between these three. What would you like on your wall next summer?


The clear winner for August was the fishing scene, but unfortunately I can’t use that one without a model release (and I didn’t think to run over and ask the couple in the picture for one when I took it). After that, the waves crashing and the horse picture are the closest seconds. Do you have a preference?


The grapes picture was way out in front for September. After that was the apples in bins, and then tied for third was the green apple and the milkweed pod. Any last words?


This turned out to be the hardest month. They are all in a dead heat. Can you pick a winner? I’m leaning towards the first one because it worked well on the cover I did a few weeks ago.


The ice crystals image is the clear winner for November. If you have other suggestions from January or February, let me know. I might use the old sunflower from January here, or the grapes in snow from February.


December’s favorite was by far the pinecones, the next contestant was the snowy village. What’s your opinion? We could also use extra images from Jan or Feb.

Leave your comments below… we’re coming down the home stretch now!

I’m currently in Astoria, Oregon, on my way down the Pacific Coast. Lots of rain the last few days, but I saw the sun this evening! Photography and camping in the rain is challenging, but there were some good shots nonetheless. Photos will show up here over the next few weeks, so stay tuned.