How Do You See The World?

by Todd Smith on August 30, 2009

Have you ever noticed how much of a difference your point of reference makes? It all has to do with who you identify yourself to be.

Someone who identifies himself as a victim sees injustice everywhere. Another person who sees herself as a giver finds lots of needs to be filled everywhere she goes. Another person who thinks of herself as an academic, sees students and teachers and logic everywhere.

What you believe yourself to be is what you’ll see around you. The mind loves to find examples to prove that you are right. If you are unhappy, your mind will find a million reasons. When you are clear, the same reasons can be used to prove your happiness.

This physical world is exactly what we experience it to be, with reference to who we believe we are.

Have you ever looked at the stars and galaxies and thought, “I am very small.” You feel small because you imagine yourself to be a tiny body on a tiny planet in vast ocean of space.

Imagine for a second that you took a different point of view for the same experience. If you imagine yourself not as a body but as your consciousness, then the experience of that galaxy would be within your consciousness. The galaxy would be a blip in your awareness. In that case the tables have been turned. You are huge and the galaxy is tiny.

Point of view is everything in photography. What role does point of view play for you?

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