Brighten Your World with Photography

by Todd Smith on October 19, 2009

golden grapes

I’ve been thinking about this blog for a couple of weeks and have decided to redefine it.

So far the blog has been about sharing new photos and random thoughts, along with group participation selecting photos, frames, etc.

I now want to make this blog more practical and stimulating for you. I have changed the tagline to “Brighten Your World with Photography.”

Really everything I’ve ever done with photography has had this motivation. The reason I take pictures is to share the joy of life with everyone. And that’s also why I offer cards and calendars and wallpaper in addition to prints. That’s why I write my newsletter. I want life’s rich colors to greet your eye on the wall, the computer screen and in your correspondence.

That’s what this whole website is about. Each product shares a ray of light.

But the blog can take this one step further. It will always be a place to see my new work. But it can also be a place for us to share how we use photography to make life brighter.

country road at dawn

How do you use photography to brighten your world?

Here are two new topics that will be added to our discussions here:

  1. How to Decorate with Photography
  2. The Art of Correspondence

I will be asking interior decorators to help out with the first, and writers and designers to help out with the second.

I also plan to share the work of inspiring photographers here from time to time.

The result, I hope, will be a stimulation for you.

rainbow and clouds in black and white

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