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a pile of ratchet heads

I love finding a good auto mechanic in a small, independent shop.

Maybe it's the warmth of a small place, or the fact that you can stand and chat with the mechanic in the bay.

There have been plenty of dealerships on my payroll, but it's nice when someone recommends a small place like Oliver Brake and Muffler to service my car.

They may specialize in brakes and mufflers, but I've never brought in a problem that they couldn't fix.

And I've never walked out of there with more fixed than I was wanting.

Tailpipe pieces at Olive Brake and Muffler
The inside of Oliver Brake and Muffler shop

The garage is simple, an open bay with no waiting room. The mechanics themselves answer the phone and ring up customers' bills.

There is not the slightest hint of pretense in this heavily trafficked shop.

I love the well used sink.

How many gallons of grease have been washed off blackened hands in this corner throughout the years?

A greasy, well used sink at Oliver Brake and Muffler
New exhaust pipes at Olive Brake and Muffler

Greg Horner, the owner (pictured below), apprenticed with several mechanics in the 1980's and got to see how each one tackled problems differently.

I think this experience, together with his love of learning, is what makes his work so reputable.

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Greg Horner the owner of Oliver Brake and Muffler
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