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by Todd Smith on September 8, 2008

I’m still catching up on newsletters… about three weeks ago this model airplane show was featured in my photography newsletter.

Penticton Model Airplane Club PENMAC

Here are a few of my favorites… Don’t miss the black and white ones in the Straight from the Camera section of my site.

This plane was either weighted to heavily in front or had a propeller that was too big. It didn’t make it far with the propeller chopping through the water.

Penticton Model Airplane Club PENMAC

Model airplane taking off

model airplane taxiing on the water

model float plane taxis

This helicopter was amazing, and the pilot was very skilled at maneuvering.

model helicopter flying upside down

Snoopy as a flying ace

adjusting the tail of a model airplane at the Penticton Model Airplane Club

The same day I found this small group of model sailboats…

model sailboats on a pond

a model sailboat chases a duck

A boy makes his model sailboat chase a duck

A model sailboat comes about

Read the whole story in the newsletter

Model Sailboats cruising

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