When Beauty Comes Unasked

by Todd Smith on September 24, 2008

White Roses and Baby's Breath

I Was Looking Outside

As a photographer, I’ve always got an eye out for something beautiful or interesting to photograph. Many times I’ll head out in my car not knowing where I’ll end up, or what I’ll find. In fact, I love to find inspiration in unexpected places. My belief is that it’s everywhere if we only stop and look.

White Roses and Baby's Breath

Right Under My Nose

So how did I miss the fact that roses were delivered here. Somehow that doesn’t count, right? I mean I didn’t have to DO anything to find them. I didn’t have to go anywhere.

I’m so used to going out to find some inspiration that I totally missed what was right under my nose, a bunch of very subtle roses.

That Which Is Closest Is Hardest To See

It’s like looking for your glasses when they’re on your face. The closer something is the harder it is to find sometimes. That’s why, I guess, it’s hard for us to see ourselves and the beauty we possess.

White Roses and Baby's Breath

White Roses and Baby's Breath

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