Apple Harvest Photos

by Todd Smith on September 26, 2008

Apples in the bin awaiting the first stage of their journey from the orchard to market.

Check out this week’s newsletter on the Apple Harvest.

It’s amazing how many apples 16 acres can produce. Or even one tree for that matter! When I walk into the orchard the sweet smell of apples greets me and leads me through the rows of bending branches full of fruit. There are apples on the ground and and in every nook of every branch: Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Gala, Rome, Fuji… you name it.

Apple trees in the orchard, ready to pick the fruit

New Orchards Are More Tidy

New dwarf apple tree orchards for easy picking and maintenance

Most of the newer orchards use the dwarf trees which are planted close together in a row with no big overhanging branches. I guess it’s easier to maintain them when they’re standing at attention, but I still love the old fashioned gnarled wood branches of a standard apple orchard. Nothing can compare to the feeling of being surrounded by full grown trees bearing fruit on all sides and above.

Apple Farming Is Hard Work

As nice as it is to visit, managing an apple orchard is a more-than-full-time job. The farmer that I met had been doing it for many decades and was looking to retire. He said he loved working with the trees in every season of the year.

A Golden Delicious apple hangs from a branch, ready to eat.

Apples in their bins.

Golden Delicious apples in the bin at the orchard

Red Delicious apple cluster on the tree

Read more about the apple harvest in this week’s newsletter and see more photos in the Straight From The Camera section of my site.

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