Japanese Maple Screen Savers from Butchart Gardens

by Todd Smith on November 14, 2008

Japanese walkway over water wallpaper

Many subscribers to the photography newsletter take advantage of the free screen saver or wallpaper photos that I offer for download there. Each week there is a link at the bottom of the email where you can download 10 – 20 new desktop photos or screen savers for your computer.

In this week’s newsletter there are some really nice ones at Butchart Gardens, in the Japanese garden. The leaves on the Japanese maples were at their peak of red color. The beautiful walkways and leaves will give lots of color to your workspace.

the sunken garden in Fall at Butchart Gardens desktop photo

The photos are pass-protected, but if you’re on my email list, you will get the new password every week.

red, fallen leaves from a Japanese maple tree screen saver photo

screen saver photo: tree branches and autumn leaves of a Japanese maple

Yellow Japanese maple leaves in autumn wallpaper

Japanese maple tree screen saver with red bridge

fancy Japanese maple in autumn by a pond screen saver photo

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