A Few Changes to the Wall Calendar

by Todd Smith on July 1, 2009

Have you ever noticed that things take longer than you expect? Yet I find that those last few changes are the ones that really make things pop. They say that the difference between good art and great art is a matter of millimeters. And they say that God is in the details. In other words, subtle changes make a big difference when it comes to art, or anything really.

In photography, I find that the last few moments when I’m taking a picture, long after I have found my angle, and shutter speed, etc… the last few seconds when I’m adjusting the composition, a hair to the left or a hair to the right, these are the moments when transcendence is most likely to occur. This is when the mind settles into something that is more than just a photograph. And I’ve learned not to rush that moment if I can help it.

It seems to be a similar thing with design. I have been working on this wall calendar pretty steadily for the past week or so, much of my time spent checking holidays and details like that. I would really like to get it to the printer, and I do believe I am only one double-check away from doing that tomorrow. However, I’m glad I’m letting the process run its course.

One suggestion that I got regarding the final photo choice made a lot of sense to me. A friend said that, while each picture makes a good calendar shot, overall the pictures picked last week were a little gray… more “pop” was needed. I agreed completely and revisited the images we had to choose from. I even opened up some recent images.

Playing with the back cover design, it took me a while to settle on a selection that jumps off the page more than what we had last week. Let me know if you agree.

back cover of wall calendar

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