New Newsletter: Farmlands of Southeastern Washington

by Todd Smith on May 22, 2008

I had a great two days of photography south of Spokane, near the little town of Colfax, Washington.

It takes five or six hours to drive there. The way I drive though, stopping all the time to take another shot, can push it even longer.

After the second day of photography I noticed that my left hamstring was getting sore from getting in and out of my car so frequently! But I can say the driving is well worth it.

The rolling hills near Colfax are amazing. There is a tall butte, called Steptoe Butte, which takes three complete circles of the road to climb. The views from there are stunning.

Here is my car at one of the many stopping points I took while climbing Steptoe Butte.

My car on Steptoe Butte, Washington

Everywhere you look, for as far as the eye can see, there are beautiful green rolling hills.

I worked until the sun went down around 8:30. And then was up at 5 am to catch the morning light. I just love the way the light skims these beautiful hills.

Hills and rolling farmland near Colfax, Washington

Green fields of wheat for as far as the eye can see

Check out this “wave” of earth. I wasn’t sure weather to run or try to catch it!

A wave of earth

Freshly plowed earth

A dirt farming road in southeastern Washington

Rolling hills from Steptoe Butte, WA

I saw a crop duster and got as close as I dared. Despite the chemicals, it was lots of fun to watch.

Crop Duster photograph

Check out more descriptions of this land in this week’s newsletter.

Two barns in the evening light

There are over 100 photos in the Straight From The Camera section of my site this week.

And don’t miss 12 new framed prints.

By the way, if you prefer a different frame or size for any framed print on my site, just let me know.

It doesn’t cost any extra to make a custom frame to suit your needs. Just let me know what you would like and I can email you a preview image of the framed print you prefer.

Framed Print:  landscape--farmland of southeastern Washington

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